Here I am listing my sources of inspiration and previous influences that have led towards me embarking upon my MA studies. From time to time I will be referring to these influences and posting images that have relevance in the main posts, this page can kind of act as a bibliography of influences.

Conrad Shawcross this artist creates largish wooden and metal machines that move light points around in 3D spacial patterns.

Also check out the video for the loop system quintet.

Theo Jansen is a kenetic sculptor from Holland who makes wind powered multi legged free walking huge beach creatures.


A BMW advert video link featuring Theo Jansen

Les Machines in Nantes is the most fabulous place I have ever been!!!! A very big inspiration. Check out the gallery of machines as well as the giant elephant.


Les Machines video link…

Close Act in Holland – this street theatre company also produce large-scale street theatre. They have been established for over 20 years. My primary influence for the Birds was the act Saurus. Although if you explore the site they have many more great work. I particularly like XL insects and the Rebels.


Saurus video:

Rebels video:

XL insects video:

Trans Express in France. I first saw these guys in Southern Ireland during 2009, they have also appeared at the Hull Freedom festival in 2010. I saw the Mobile Homme show, which involves a group of drumming performers being suspended from a crane on a giant human mobile. Here’s a link to their site but unfortunately I could not copy any of their images.


Teatro Pavana – a street theatre company specialising in large-scale street theatre. Click on ‘walk acts’ then Giraffe, these are my favourite.


Circo Rum Ba Ba

More recently a women’s street theatre company based in London have produced an act called Dragon Quest. I love the concept and design, but feel that the costuming and delivery could be better.


Other influences include automata and paper engineering at Rob and The Mechanical Cabaret Circus.

Rob shows the aray of possibilitys with paper engineering to create automata.


Cabaret mechanical theatre, this was a museum in Covent Garden but now just has touring shows and virtual exhibitions, and focuses on smaller wooden and metal atutomata sculptures and models.



2 thoughts on “Inspiration

    • I’m a manic obsesive most of the time! and have thinking about this idea for about 2 years now! So thats why lots is pouring out now. Can’t wait to actually get making in the 3D dept.

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